Transcription of Non-Native English

One of the main specialisms of University Transcriptions and TP Transcription is our years of experience in handling recordings of non-native English speakers, or speakers who have English as a second language. Our main USP (unique selling point) when it comes to non-native UK transcription work is that we make no extra charge for transcribing the recordings.

Specialist Transcription Work

Of course the accents of the speakers are particularly hard to follow, which is why automated versions of transcription you can find online are simply unable to cope. It is specialist work and transcribers with an experienced ear for these types of recordings are hard to find online.

Malawi Research Project

We have recently had a quote request in for a research project in Malawi where the subject of the interviews all spoke English as their second language. The client, an academic researcher with a UK university, was very concerned that as this was not straightforward English transcription work, the cost of transcribing would be too high for her to be able to justify the expense. However she was pleasantly surprised to discover that University Transcriptions do not charge anything extra to transcribe non-native English speaking recordings and that we have a specialist transcriber happy to assist with Malawi accents in particular.

Translation plus Transcription

We also transcribe in and out of just about every language in the world. This means that we have a range of transcribers experienced in handling particular accents and regional accents.

Try it yourself – and then contact us

Sometimes we get told by our clients that they have had a go themselves at transcribing a recording but had to give up due to the amount of time it had taken them. This is one of the major needs for transcription work, i.e. that the client simply cannot afford the time it takes to sit down and try and transcribe a particular recording and instead need to use external suppliers. Specialists like ourselves are very used to handling large orders of non-native speaking recordings in English, and we do not raise our prices simply due to the type of accent of English being spoken.

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