Academic Video Subtitling

University Transcriptions offer subtitling for academics including both for freestanding video files and also YouTube.

Advice on how to convert YouTube files to MP3 – click here

A number of academic institutions transcribe YouTube videos for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes and for visibility/access for all. Google and Bing both pick up content from videos if there is subtitling as the files for subtitles are in text format. This means that videos can be located, searched and content displayed for users.

Whilst Google offers an automatic subtitling service for YouTube videos, the technology is not yet good enough to enable high levels of accuracy. As a result a number of organisations get their subtitling completed by subtitling and close captioning specialists.

Subtitling is usually undertaken by a specialist team using software designed specifically to enable time stamps and text to fit the speech in a video. The easiest way of subtitling a YouTube video is simply to send us the web link to the video and we can then email you the .SRT file to upload to YouTube in your YouTube creator studio (log into your YouTube channel to learn more). The same .SRT file can be merged and used with MP4 video files on other websites and we can also advise on embedding the video with subtitles without needing to use YouTube.

Request a quote or send us a file (or email us a website URL for YouTube videos). Prices for subtitling are higher than for standard transcription – there is considerably more work involved.