Transcription Jobs

University Transcriptions is part of TP Transcription Limited and has vacancies for experienced transcribers to work remotely on ongoing academic transcription contracts. We maintain a bank of over 70 core transcribers who undertake regular contract work for our long term clients. Some UK university departments have been our clients for over 10 years and our work needs to be at the highest standard to maintain this.

In recent years we have expanded and increasing numbers of universities from around the world are now sending us work, usually via internal recommendations, as well as external research companies who have heard of our reputation for quality and consistency. We are preferred suppliers to a large number of academic institutions.

Living Wage Accredited
Disability Confident

We are Disability Confident Committed (a UK government scheme) and are Living Wage Accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. Our Health & Safety policy can be found here and our Modern Slavery Statement here. We have a policy on trigger warnings and content notification and actively support our transcribers in not being exposed to content they do not wish to see or hear.

UK Transcription Work – working remotely

January 2023 – we are recruiting additional English-English transcribers. We are also still recruiting transcribers with subtitling and closed captioning experience, together with translators and transcribers in languages other than English, including Welsh.

We regularly recruit UK based transcriptionists to join us for ongoing remote contract work. Hourly rates paid depend on the particular piece of work, the number of speakers and the turnaround times. We seek IT literate transcribers, preferably with experience of academic transcription, who are interested in sub-contracting to us to complete the work and are available to deal with a digital files on a fairly regular basis, although it can be sporadic depending on the time of year. We operate a stringent application including speed and accuracy testing. The application process is fairly complicated and requires you to complete a short sample academic transcription.Essential Requirements:

  • Typing speed of 70 wpm+
  • UK based
  • Fluent English Language (mother tongue level) ability
  • A background as a legal, medical or academic secretary or administrator is useful but not essential
  • IT skills required including the ability to download digital audio files and use transcription software.

NB: We are particularly interested in transcribers with Subtitling and Closed Captioning experience – particularly with transcribing .SRT files and YouTube video transcriptions. Similarly we are always on the lookout for transcribers with Jefferson transcription experience.

Translators and Transcribers into Languages other than English

Please contact us – we are specialists in the provision of audio transcription (and in some cases translation) in over 200 languages.

Welsh transcriptionWelsh Transcribers Required

Rydym yn edrych am adysgrifwyr gyda sgiliau TG, yn ddelfrydol gyda phrofiad o drawsgrifio academaidd, sydd â diddordeb mewn is-gontractio i ni i gyflawni’r gwaith ac sydd ar gael i ddelio â ffeiliau digidol yn weddol aml, er gall y gwaith fod yn achlysurol yn dibynnu ar amser y flwyddyn. Rydym yn gweithredu proses ymgeisio caeth sydd yn cynnwys profi eich cyflymder a chywirdeb. Byddwn yn gofyn ichi gwblhau trawsgrifiad academaidd byr yn y Gymraeg.

Gofynion Hanfodol:

  • Cyflymder teipio o 70 wpm +
  • Wedi’i leoli yn y DU
  • Lefel rhugl o’r Gymraeg (mamiaith)
  • Ar gael o leiaf 5 awr yr wythnos

Mae cefndir fel ysgrifennydd neu weinyddwr cyfreithiol, meddygol neu academaidd yn ddefnyddiol ond nid yw’n hanfodol

Rhaid cael sgiliau TG gan gynnwys y gallu i lawrlwytho ffeiliau sain digidol a defnyddio meddalwedd trawsgrifio.

Application Process

Please click the button above to go through the application process.

NB: please do not telephone us regarding work.