Transcribing For the Record (FTR) Files

Transcribing For the Record (FTR) Files

TP Transcription and University Transcriptions have been working on ‘For the Record’ files (*.FTR) for many years and we think it is one of the best audio recording systems available to produce accurate and clear recordings of meetings where there are more than one speaker in different areas of the room but every speaker’s voice needs to be recorded in a clear and concise fashion. FTR equipment and software is used for tribunal hearings, court proceedings, inquests and official meetings in larger organisations.

The software has been around for many years and we understand that For The Record are the preferred and trusted suppliers to a number of government institutions in the UK and further afield, including HMCTS (the UK courts and tribunal service) and the coroner’s inquests that take place across the country.

The system always seems very straightforward to use. There are multiple microphones put in across the room where the hearing or meeting is taking place, and For the Record picks up multiple voices and puts them on to individual tracks before condensing the whole thing into one recording, which can be made available to specialist transcription companies able to work with the software. The files are compressed in size and very accessible.

The recordings are usually extremely clear and concise, and transcribing from FTR files is usually a simple operation. We have, as a specialist transcription company, the software installed on our systems to handle the For the Record files, and whether the recording is an employment tribunal, a court hearing (there are restrictions), or a professional misconduct hearing such as the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) or the general medical council (GMC), we can assist. Our company has worked on coroner’s inquests, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearings, employment tribunal hearings, court proceedings in a range of jurisdictions (although in England and Wales this work is usually reserved for official court transcribers) and our prices are usually calculated according to the number of speakers. For most disciplinary hearings or court or judicial proceedings is usually between 2 and 3 at any one time.

If you are interested in using For the Record, we can recommend it to you, although we have no links or connection to the software suppliers, and get no payment for making this recommendation. The transcription software is free of charge to use and the company make their money on the use of the recording software and equipment.

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