Time Stamping is Free with University Transcriptions

Time Stamping is Free with University Transcriptions

Adding extra value is something drummed into businesses around the world for providing good customer service. We are no different – so how do we offer our clients extra value? Time stamping is free of charge with University Transcriptions and TP Transcription Limited.

Quotes and Shopping Around

Quite a few of our customers will, quite rightly, obtain quotes from a number of different transcription businesses before they use our service. One thing that comes up time and again is the extras that are charged by other transcription companies that are in addition to the cost per minute of recording fee that is advertised. One of these is time stamping.

Time Stamping

For the uninitiated – time stamping is the practice of adding regular time codes to a transcription so the reader knows how far through the recording they are when reading the document. It is very common in PACE interviews recorded under caution for court proceedings by police officers, fraud investigators etc..

Traditionally this took a considerable amount of effort for a transcription company because the software did not exist for it to be easily added. We can remember the days of needing to add in the time stamp manually, and when we started out most clients wouldn’t even think about asking for it.

Free Time Stamping, Regional Accents and Layout Requests

However, we now add extra value to our cost per recorded minute by not actually charging at all to time stamp, provided you do not want a time stamp less than every 10 seconds. University Transcriptions include a lot of additional factors that other companies charge for within our price per recorded minute. These include hard to hear recordings, regional accents and specific layout requests. All completely free. Time stamping falls into this category as well – we make no extra charge to time stamp your transcription. Simply tell us if you would like time stamping undertaking when you send us the recording, specify the length of time you require the time stamping to be for, (e.g. every 10 seconds or 20 seconds) and this will be included in your final transcription completely free of charge.

Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not only do we provide this service free of charge, but we also always work with you to ensure that you are happy with the quality of the transcription provided. Whether this is one of our transcription managers personally reviewing the quality of the transcription and reporting back with the number of errors (if any of course), or whether we work through the entire transcription again to ensure accuracy, we make no extra charge to our clients to undertake this work.


These are but a few examples as to why University Transcriptions is now one of the leading academic transcription companies in the UK, and recognised around the world.  We are preferred suppliers to a number of universities including the University College London, and are on the vast majority of university purchasing systems.

Is this article a promotional piece? Possibly, but it is a good example of how to offer your customers added value and increasing the quality of your service. Something we pride ourselves in doing for almost 20 years.

If you would like a quote at a price guaranteed not to go up regardless of the accents, the quality of the recording or the time stamping you have asked for, please visit www.universitytranscriptions.co.uk.