Live Transcription

What is Live Transcription?

Formerly associated with transcription of audio or video files for people with hearing difficulties requiring virtually instantaneous or real time written versions of speech.

However, with the huge increase in remote academic lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops etc.., it has become a very popular service for all academics and students.

Surely there is an automated transcription service we can use?

Yes there is. Google offer an app called Live Transcribe. It allows real-time transcription of audio and video files. There are numerous other services that have offered similar automated versions for many years (Dragon Dictation is one of the market leaders).

However, at the moment these AI systems are not intelligent enough to accurately transcribe speech where there are multiple speakers or where the recording is not crystal clear. This applies to a majority of seminars, workshops and tutorials.

What can you offer?

We offer virtually instantaneous transcription, although we can provide an express service as well once a session is complete if preferred.

It means that you can get a live version of any seminar, workshop or tutorial in the same way as if subtitles were available. It also enables the tutor to immediately utilise a written version of any teaching or discussions.

What experience do you have of live transcription?

Click here to read a case study describing our live transcription work students at BPP University.

We have software available to capture and record webinars in any format with a view to returning our work as quickly as possible once the webinar has finished. We can also transcribe live during the broadcast as required. Our work with BPP enabled hard of hearing students to participate and contribute in real time during teaching sessions.

What about Zoom Interviews?

Yes, we are able to assist. Zoom have made it very easy for transcription companies to access audio recordings in order to transcribe. Click here for a guide on using Zoom for capturing audio. We can also attend the meetings directly to transcribe as they are going ahead.

Complexity of Live Transcription

This is not easy work – we tend to only use transcribers who have attained Expert Accreditation from the Transcription Society and have been with us for some years. It takes a high degree of skill, concentration and experience to follow a conversation live and transcribe it accurately.

If you would like a quote for Live Transcription please click here or contact our Managing Director directly.