Transcription Services in London

There are a large number of transcription companies and businesses based in and around London in the UK. The vast majority of these are one man bands working out of a back bedroom in their house on the outskirts of London. Clearly, with house prices being as they are in the city it would be virtually impossible to find anyone who has a way with words undertaking transcription work within 10 miles of St. Paul’s Cathedral!

Academic transcription services in the UK are very often provided by larger companies such as, as smaller businesses tend to be unable to compete on price or capacity when it comes to bulk orders or just one-off short recordings for transcription. Although UniversityTranscriptions have an office in central London, we work out of North Wales and our transcribers are a bit more spread out across the UK.

There are a large number of academic institutions in and around London and University Transcriptions have worked for most if not all of them. Not only that, but the company behind University Transcriptions, TP Transcription Limited, is a preferred supplier to most of the larger universities within 20 miles of the centre of London. Including the University of London Colleges, Brunel University, University of West London and many more besides.

There are also a good number of transcription businesses in London undertaking audio transcription services and providing these for medical transcription, court transcription and general academic research work.

Accents in London are fairly diverse. There are numerous dialects that only UK based transcribers will recognise and be able to transcribe with any amount of accuracy. The cockney accent is quite strong in certain areas of London, particularly in the East End, and estuary English can also be hard to follow if the voices recorded are from people living in Essex or slightly further outside in London in the Home Counties. Transcription services based in South Africa or the USA are not going to provide very high accuracy levels, whereas companies such as TP Transcription and who use UK transcriptionists will be able to undertake the work and provide an unparalleled level of accuracy. and TP Transcription Limited have an office in London N1 and have been working with businesses, individuals, academics, lecturers, students, market research companies, financial institutions, banks and government institutions for over 15 years, providing an accurate service within reasonable time limits. We can collect any file (if you do not wish to send it via our SSL secure uploading system) through the use of a courier, and can arrange this service at very short notice.

Finally, translation is a particular specialism of University Transcriptions, but not only that, the company also provides transcription in other languages as well as in UK English.

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