Why do you donate 10% of your profits to charity?

TP Transcription Limited was originally set up in 2001 as a subsidiary to Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited, a legal recruitment consultancy.  We spotted a gap in the market in the East Midlands for a transcription company to assist with police station interviews and dictation. Ten-Percent.co.uk Limited was set up in 2000 with the guiding principle that it should always donate 10% of net profits to charity every year. For over 20 years the company has done just that and so has TP Transcription Limited. As part of the Ten Percent Group of websites we have contributed every year to the Ten Percent Foundation, a charitable trust, and two of our directors are trustees.

We think it is important to give a percentage of our profits back to society and, even though we are not a particularly large company, like to think that our donations however small can help to make a difference somewhere in the world. For details of the Ten Percent Foundation please click here.

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