Gloria Bassoli

Associate Transcriber

Bilingual Italian/English transcriber with 30 years' transcription experience.

About me: Italian national, living in the UK since the late ’60s. I have worked as an administrator of some type or other in advertising and marketing, in a company that owns residential care homes for people with learning difficulties and at Kingston University. I’m an ethical vegan and very involved in trying to protect our planets and the other creatures we share it with.

Unique information: I love ice hockey!

Qualifications: I am fully bilingual (Italian-English) and am reasonably fluent in French (I get better the more practice I get!). I have worked in many sectors both as a full-time and temporary worker so am able to try my hand at most subject matters.

Specialist transcription skills: I am reasonably competent at most accents, though Glaswegians from the Gorbals are a particular bugbear for me. As I am an ethical vegan, and therefore opposed to vivisection and animal cruelty of any kind, I will not transcribe anything to do with pharma or companies that test their products on animals, usually cosmetics etc. I also prefer not to do medical but don’t mind general research such as IT systems used in hospitals, GP surgeries, etc. I have covered anything from engineering to Home Office research on future trade agreements, with a bit of disciplinary hearings, fine art conventions, and barrister interviews thrown in so, apart from my no-go areas, the sky’s the limit. My dream, however, is to work for an author transcribing their work, or a similar project.

How many years transcribing: 30 years.

Location: Greater London