Gill Partridge

Associate Transcriber

HND graduate and published author with over 27 years transcription experience. Specialist for Scottish accents.

About Me: I am originally from Lewes, East Sussex. Went to Micklefield school in Seaford (on a scholarship). Member of the Young Farmers Club. Did a lot with BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) including building a footpath on an Icelandic volcano (yes, that one!).  Now live in SW Scotland with my husband, son (21) and daughter (18) on a smallholding with our Terrier, two Shetlands and 12 rescue/homebred chickens. I am 50, and thanks to arthritis I’m not as active as I’d like. I love reading, including poetry (especially Sir Terry Pratchett and Maya Angelou). I LOVE a bit of Metal! (especially Disturbed and Metallica). I also love BBC 6 music (especially Guy Garvey and Cillian Murphy). Apart from Iceland I’ve been to New Zealand for a month on my own. Thankfully I could speak fluent Rugby!

Unique Information: I wrote a book called Day One which was a James Bond parody. I had a radio interview from this, and a very small amount of money, but it was a great experience.

Qualifications: I have an HND in Recreational Land Management from Myerscough Agricultural College. NC for Farm Secretaries from Hadlow Ag College. Also gained RSC Stage III Word Processing, Stage III Audio Transcription. I also have my HGV and spent many happy years transporting horses all over the place for people.

Specialist Transcription Skills: Scottish accents are great. I was lucky in that my school was incredibly diverse, including Iranian, Nigerian, Kashmiri, German; so I really am happy to listen to anyone.
I was a medical secretary for four years so medical stuff is fine. I also did a lot of temping, including for solicitors, MOD, House Building Council.

Location: SW Scotland