Oxford University Oxfile Service

University of OxfordSince November 2018, TP Transcription Limited has been added as a user to the University of Oxford OxFile Large File Exchange service. UniversityTranscriptions.co.uk, UK-Transcription.com and TPTranscription are able to receive transcription files directly from University of Oxford students, researchers, lecturers and academics without needing to leave the Oxford University IT system. The system is secure but it is important to read the University IT Guide on using OxFile before sending your files to us. You can of course use our own secure SSL upload facility or our UK based GDPR compliant secure servers to transfer your recordings to us for transcription.

The features of the service are:

  1. OxFile accepts files of up to 25GB in size.
  2. Files are automatically removed after a set time period.
  3. Security is included by default.
  4. The service sends notification of uploads and downloads to the users.

If you are a University of Oxford IT system user, simply share your file(s) with transcriber@tptranscription.co.uk and we will receive them directly from OxFile.

Very simple to use.

For full details on the OxFile service please visit https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/services/oxfile/index